Blogger Delwar JahanInnovative ideas generates from dream. I love to dream and I have used that inspiration in all of my blogs. This blog is no exceptional from that. I always believe that we only loose when we stop dreaming and believing on ourselves.

I am blogger Delwar Jahan, known as DJ Rony in the blog world. I have several successful online venture and this is going to be one of them. From the moment I started to learn what is blog and how to blog – I never Stopped and I never Quit. As a result, now I am here in this place. I am earning my living from my blogs and I think anyone with a little brain with hard work can do that.

In this blog I share most of the things I collide on web. I am always reading and sharing things in my Digg, Facebook pages or in StumbleUpon. So, I thought why not make a resources blog and share everything I am loving and that helping me in any way. Thus BlogRon has born.


Wish you all the best.
Delwar Jahan
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