10+ Powerful Resources on Blogging and Content Marketing to Boom Your Blog Traffic

Blogging, by far is the best thing I do.

Strong statement, but true for me. I have worked my ass down as a web developer for long. That is for earning my bread and butter.

While blogging gives me the hope to live a life that will free from stress and I do not have to wait for others command.

Ever since I have started blogging, I started reading a lot. This increases my learning ability and increased my earning potential.

If you are a new blogger or affiliate marketer, you might have think that why you are not earning a penny from your blog while others are making a lot?

Here is the answer, you do not read.

Every successful blogger or affiliate marketers there, spends a certain amount of time each day to read and learn new things. It doesn’t matter what you say, i you are not reading then you are not connecting.

So, the resource blogs are up again. On this resources roundup I have collected only the Blogging and Content Marketing resources from my last week’s read.

Blogging and Content Marketing Resources to Boom Your Blog Traffic


01. 12 Reasons You Need to Start a Blog in 2016: If you are not already in blogging then it is obvious to ask your self the question, why I need to start blogging?

Blogging can be a passion, can be done for leisure activity or the best for money.

Bloggers like you and me are always looking for generating money from our blogging. What started as a passion for me became my profession. Once I realized that how profiting blogging can be!

Here are the best reasons why you should start a blog immediately.

02. How To Publish Amazing Posts With A Blog Writing Checklist: Pilots use a checklist before they take off to make sure everything’s perfect before they fly. Why not apply the same theory to your blog posts before you publish them?

Read this post to learn what to look for before you hit that publish button to organize your writing process to save you time, make sure every post looks awesome to keep your visitors reading, and get the long-term traffic you need to be successful.

Content Marketing

01. Mastering Content Marketing: 7 Required Principles for Success: This is the first post I read this week on content marketing. As usual Neil has a great overview on what you are missing about content Marketing. Specially, after reading this you will learn why you need to follow the rules and how to make your blog’s growth steadily.

02. 30 Time Hacks Every Marketer Needs To Implement Today: This is a must read for every busy marketer out there. If you ever felt that you are not getting enough time to finish up all you tasks, you are working even on the weekend and aren’t socializing with the outside world for a bit, then this is why!

Sounds like you, right? I have been there for quite sometime and spent countless hours stuck on project for clients, mine and some to do lists. What’s wrong if we can make it in less time and also get our old life back! Even this won’t downgrade your current earning, seems AWESOME!

03. 6 Things Internet Marketers Can Learn From Arnold Schwarzenegger: Another one from my favorite blogger Matthew Woodward. He claims that this is one of the best valuable tips on his blog.

This post indicates that his success is long determined because of his mindset. It’s not his marketing skills that made him a successful blogger, but the mindset he has for the success.

04. 10+7: Skills Needed for Digital Marketing Success: This is a very interesting analyze by Angela Hausman, PhD in B2C blog. Must read for the strategic marketer who are planning to pursue new customers.

The post has lots of helpful resources link and will tell you how to organize your marketing campaign before you even start it.

The best part is, you can learn how to develop a community for your digital marketing effort. In 2016 when you are working on a project as a marketing manager you have to acquire a combination of skills to win the race. As a project manager you need the following skills: –

  1. Creating a project completion guideline or clear planning.
  2. You have to understand SEO
  3. Need to have good knowledge on E-Mail Marketing
  4. Collaboration skill with your team mates and have skill to control and offer guidelines.
  5. Cost analysis ability of each steps in your marketing project.
  6. Understanding of the Social Media marketing.
  7. Good grip on analytic tools like “Google Analytic”.
  8. The goal of the project.

via: business2community.com

05. How to Craft a Successful, Competitive, Search-Friendly Title: Definitely this is on of the most important part of your content marketing. When you promote a blog post or page, people decide to get in or not by judging the title.

If your title is good enough to attract their attention they will click on it.

It doesn’t matter how much gold you have in your post body, unless you can catch the attention of the readers at the very top.

This hub page is a mus tread for you if you are trying hard on improving your title.

06. 5 Social Media Marketing Lessons We Learned in 2015: Addthis plugin is known to you all right? This post analysis is from them.

In this post they explained 5 of their observations of 2015’s Social Media Marketing.

For example, they discovered it is better to tweet in between 12AM ET to 2AM ET. This is the vital time if you are on twitter marketing. Also, repeating your tweets or re-tweeting is not a bad thing if you follow some simple rules.

07. The best time to tweet: Our 4.8 million-tweet research study: Buffer has done the same research on twitter marketing and they have some extensive amount of data to back their findings.

Over 4.8 million tweets were analyzed on the process.

For example, their finding of most popular time to tweet is Noon to 1:00 p.m.

The following chart from buffer represents the most tweets sent around the world and times of the day.


This is a 5 years of data in one chart. The 12th hours seems most popular around the world. Read the rest of it on buffer blog.

08. 6 Trending and Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Strategies You Need to Know: This is gold, if you do not follow the trends you are going to waste your time and money on marketing.

Who want’s to have another loss project or marketing campaign that is not going to generate any revenue for them?

6 Trending and Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

The newest marketing trends are video marketing. Advertising budgets on YouTube video is increasing every month.

Also, the trend of putting video as promotional content in mobile platform seems to reach $8 billion marks by the year 2018.

Then there is new VR technology in the market. This has opened a huge gateway for marketing.

So, what trends you are going to follow this year?

09. How To Follow Nike’s Marketing Strategy Secrets For Success: This is a fun post, but a taunting one.

Nike is a famous brand and most of the startup company can’t follow-up with the budget and formula now, but there are some pretty good points for you that still applies.

Some rules never changes, anyway this is an inspiring post for the new startups.

Nike has some big history behind it. And just like the rest of us, they started small, focused on a niche, and helped their audience. All of that strategy resulted in massive growth—and there are tons of lessons you can learn from that marketing success.

10. 10 Marketing Tasks You NEED To Outsource (And How You Do It)Our number 10 resources is from Tom Hunt on Kikolani.com.

This post tells how you can increase your productivity level and do more in less time.

Yes, this will be wonderful  if you can follow these rules in your marketing effort. Time is money, so, saving time is actually saving money.

Trying to do all the staff yourself can tire you down, often you are not skilled at everything.

For example, If you are busy with your writing you might not get the time to do keyword researching, getting the infographics done or getting that guest post written you are planning for long.

On that scenario you need to hire help. This article describes how you need to organize your team, hire and efficiently make things rolling on the path.


This weeks round-up ends here. I hope you all enjoyed the resources here. You can advise me to add new resources link for my next post, just drop me a line or post a comment here.

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