10+ Resources to Help You Blogging and Make Money

Friday comes with great relaxing time for me. I was previously doing the Friday Madness section on my Blog. But from now on you can see those in the Resources section. I am organizing blogs :). Well- this was long planned before. Here are this weeks articles from me. And before that look at this amazing picture shot I watched on Facebook. This image simply makes me happy.




  • The Basics Of Creating A Magento Module: Interested in modifying or creating some modules of Magento? Here is a basic tutorial you should follow.
  • Create a Photo Gallery Under 10 Minutes Using Piwigo: There are many photo gallery creating software in the web. Most of them are open-source and here is a new one for you. This is also open source and I am kind of attached to it’s look.
  • Tutorial: Create 5 subtle background patterns: With very little Photoshop experiences now you can design a cool background for your blogs. Here’s how you do it.
  • How To make your website acceptable to children: Are you planning anything for kids? Here are some very attractive and informative ideas that might come handy. Designing for a age is really hard and when they are kids.


  • 3 True Interview Questions: Does Your Profile Fall Short? : Here are some great tips for the freelancers to improve their job application and interviews.
  • New iPad: Is Your Content Ready for the HD Tablet Revolution? : So the new iPad is now on the stage. How is your website optimizing with it? Do you love to have an iPad3?

Here is the weekly video I watched on YouTube.



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