10 Tools to Improve Your Blogging and Web-Design Skill [Resources]

Winter season is changing in Bangladesh. The beauty of the nature and the cool breeze- OH!!! … How I love the feel walking beneath the big trees with green leaves. This week I have been out for long from my home. No worries, no work just chilling in the sun with my friends and I realized how I miss my student life right now.

Later this month you can see the beautiful flowers around and can fell the joy without any reason. Anyway, here are the articles I found this week.

Improve Your Blogging and Web-Design Skill


  • 5 Tools for Integrating WordPress and Twitter: Started to blog recently? Needed some starter advice? – Here are the most important of those for you. Creating posts after posts won’t make you happy at the end, but doing it systematically might.
  • Discover the Secrets of 9 Productive Bloggers: Blogging is a hard job if you do not have the time to make a blog post in a whole week. Come on man- a post making shouldn’t take more than an hour.  If you are ready to buy then this book might inspire you at it’s best.
  • Make Your Blog a Call to Action: The more popular your blog is the more you get responses from the readers. It is true in the opposite direction also. If you can make the do response you can get popularity.
  • 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic: From seomoz- some good info on how you can increase your blog traffic.



Now the last part is my favorite video this week. Have you got a smart phone? If so then you can blog while you are away from your desktop. Just use the app from the android store and you are on. Let’s watch the full video.

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