10 Tools to Improve Your Freelancing Career [Resources]

This was a learning week for me. So many things I have learned and applied to improve my blogging and mostly how I can be better in my freelancing projects. You will sure love to get these links. There are lot’s to learn.

Reading is the best thing you can get as a hobby

Reading is the best thing you can get as a hobby

Business & Technology

  • Why Your Business Should Upgrade to Cloud Computing: Cloud hosting is the talk of the year, it can be very effective for a growing business.
  • Self healing iPhone case: this is and interesting thing from Nissan. This protector might help you to get your iPhone safety and health.

 Web design

  • Create a Web Page with Curtain Rises Effect: This is a superb JavaScript effect if you are interested in doing some out of the box web design. Nit usual but attractive indeed.
  • Determining Which Plugins Are Slowing Your Site Down:  If you are trying to find out which plugin is slowing you down or your client’s site- then this is the thing you need.
  • Designer Myopia: How To Stop Designing For Ourselves:  The concept is clear, whatever you are going to design you should think of others choice first. Interesting and long post, but informative also.


  • 2012 the Year of the Independent Worker: Freelancing has come to blooming point. Now companies are hiring more and more people as they have the flexibility to save time and money. The resources are always available in the web.
  • oDesk Skill Tests: Show Employers What You Can Do: Showing your talent in online work might be a problem. Your employer might not know about you. So, taking some skill test would be a great thing to show off.
  • 4 Ways to Create a More Successful Portfolio: In the changing work trends. your skills are improving. So, why not update your portfolio to shoe the best of you?
  • 3 Key Strategies When You Take On Too Much Work: Getting too much work load can’t give you security. It’s the consistency and time management reputation you’ll need in this profession.
  • 6 Point Productivity Starter-Kit for the Novice Freelancer: It’s a challenging decision that you want your own freelancing business. There are many things to consider. I hope you’ll like this.


Now, here is a video I watched this time on YouTube. Normally I share videos related to blogging or SEO or money making, watch this time a funny one. Completely different from my topics. Anyway, I loved it Just for Laughs.

Freelancing Dreams Vs. RealityFreelancing Dreams Vs. Reality. Do this video seems familiar with you?Via: BuzzFeedVideo

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