10 Ways to Earn Money Online

Earn money

Earning money is every newbie’s dream surfing on internet. People are always hitting the Google search button writing “How to earn money Free” and these kinds of things. So what is the catch? If you have to earn money then how could it be free, you are earning it. In this post I am telling you about my favorite 10 ways to earn money online. You can choose any of them or can use all of them together to try your luck.

01. Adsense or PPC Ads:

This is the most popular and familiar way of earning money to the webmasters. If you have a website or blog, you can apply for Google Adsense or any other Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns. Then put the ad codes in your website or blog and earn for per click or impressions.

02. Article Writing:

Article writing needs some skills and quality articles can be sold for a good amount of money. You can take it as a full-time profession too. There are several websites like pay per post who pays for the review articles. Again you are always welcome to work as a freelance article writer at Elance, oDesk and other freelancing sites.

03. Affiliate Marketing:

This is a real business on online. You just have to convert the visitors to buy your affiliated product and earn cash on each sell. Affiliate marketer can earn more than PPC publishers. But you have to play by the rules and do some hard work. Amazon.com, Commission junction and other affiliate network is there for you to join.

04. Freelancing:

Freelancing is a good profession. You can easily earn working from home. What is your skill? Are you a good coder, writer, designer or just can do copy paste. There are jobs available for every type. Get hired on site like oDesk and earn money.

05. Graphics Designing / Web designing:

Now this is a job that every one can’t do. If you have knowledge on website making and you are expert in graphics designing then you can sell your service online. A decent earning can be possible with this. But you have to be an expert. This is a professional job.

06. File Uploading and Sharing:

One of the tricky things for earning online. You can earn by sharing files with your friends and website visitors. Ziddu.com is such a site; every time a successful download is occurred from your uploaded files you will get paid. Lots of file sharing sites are now giving money to the uploaders.

*update: Due to the excess copyright issue most of these sites are getting closed. So, I am recommending you not to use this method. Though sharing files still promote your brand and product, this can earn passive income for you.

07. Selling Photographs:

Have a good hand at photography? Then it’s easy for you to sell your photos and earn cash. You can have a photo gallery and earn directly by selling them from your site or you can sell them at stock photos, shutter stock, fotolia.com, bigstockphoto.com etc.

08. Referral Earning:

This is not a lot of money making way. It’s just a bonus point to your ongoing affiliation with some programs. Like- you are uploading file to ziddu and sharing them in different sites and forums to earn money, along it you can earn by referring others to join ziddu. Most of the online affiliate programs give this kind of referral earning. One of the best referral earning is by payoneer. you can get $25 for each valid referrer.

09. Selling Domains:

How could you sell domains if don’t own them? Yap, you have to invest some money into this. This is online real estate business. You buy some interesting and useful domains and then put some Adsense for domains in there. If someone needs or like that particular domain, you can sell it to him in a higher price than you bought it. If not, you can earn from your Adsense. But remember one thing – you have to start with 100’s of domains and choose them very carefully. Otherwise you investment will go in loss.

10. PTC / Online Surveys:

This thing comes at the very last of my list. If you can’t do nothing – then you can join some paid to click (PTC) and paid to survey site. The earning is not too much but you can earn. They will give you money just for filling out forms and clicking on advertisements.

***Update: Most of the PTC sites are scam.

The above processes are my favorite and I am not telling that they are the best. There are lots of more ways to earn online. Remember one thing, you can’t get rich quick working online and this is not free. You must have to invest something to get something. And now I am investing my ideas and time.

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