100+ Resources for Web Design & Blogging

Friday again, and here I have come again with the Friday resources. If you are a web designer then you must know that there are no way you can separate web design and graphics design is your work. These two are both related and you must (at least) know how to start some sparks in graphics design as a web developer. New web developer- start learning designing today.

Web Design:

Graphics Design:


  • Starting as a marketer or blogger?: When you start a new blog it can be frustrating and take a longer time to stand inline of the popular one’s. This post can help you determine your right path.
  • Making $5,000 a Month With My Travel Blog [Case Study]: This is a guest post at my favorite blog problogger. This things should help the starter blogger think twice before they quit blogging.
  • How To Grow Your Blog And Brand EVEN More:  Growing your blog with simple three tips- but these ideas needs a lot of time to implement.

Let’s watch an old video from a successful professional blogger:

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