100+ Web Design and Graphics Resources

Friday Madness is a series of posts where I collect web resources both for newbies and experts. The main target is intended to web-designers and bloggers.

This week I have fully concentrated to the web design tools and resources. Here are some 100 cool tips and scripts that can be so much helpful to anyone trying a luck in web design.

Web-Design / Graphics:

01. Free download: Simplycons Icon Set: If you are looking for some cool icon set for your web page design, here it is. The full set is transparent and in PNG format.

02. Tools for Web Developers:  CSS based web design tutorials and tips. More than 50 styles has been described. It is a must read things for learning web-Design.

03. jQuery Infinite Scroll Plugins for endless paging: What happens when you scroll to your Facebook page? It loads more and more content that wasn’t visible at first. This tricks helps them to manage keeping the visitors on the site

04. 20 Really Useful Cheatsheets for Web Designers: Here are some 20 useful resources that every web designer should have. Leave the old books. It’s time for a change now.

05.5 Best Ecommerce Platforms for Small Businesses: Creating a business site for your clients might be painful if they are not ready to choose what is already in the market. Here are some choices to let you take a nap.

06. Mobile Devices and Browsers Aren’t Ready for HTML5: This is just a follow up that mobile devices still are not compatible fully with the new HTML5.

07. Handy Roundup of CSS3 Generators and Tools: If you have got the graphical interface like the Photoshop has then it might be helpful to generate CSS based on that. Here are some choices for you.

08. 9 superb css3 buttons which might keep javascript unused: Are you looking for JavaScript alternative for your button creation? Here are some for you. This might help to grow more CSS and less JavaScript idea.

09. 27 PHP/MySQL Tutorials for Building Web Applications: Here are 25 tutorials on PHP and MYSQL for the beginners to intermediate users. these will sure help you to get you walking in the coding line.

10. 43 Free CSS3 Pictogram Buttons with 3 Styles: With CSS3 and HTML5 it’s almost easy to remove flash from any site. Here are some 43 CSS3 buttons for your eyes.

11. JavaScript Profiling With The Chrome Developer Tools: Want to make your website fast and optimized for search engines? Here is a JavaScript help to guide you.

12. Tracking Social Media Sharing and Button-Clicks with JavaScript and WordPress: WordPress and sharing buttons are more related these days. Check your sharing status and social activity graph with this JavaScript tool.

Weekly Video 

So if you are going to choose web design as your profession and looking for your first job then this video might help you a little bit.

So, all the best till next Friday.

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