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To become a successful web designer you must be a creative person. Ever noticed that there are some people who know all of the things of web designs but can’t be successful. It’s because they are in lack of creativity. You should have analyzing power and a creative mind to read the clients need. Here is an inspirational post’s for you how the Creative Minds think. I hope you will love it.

Now these are the articles I think you should read. All of them are from my last week readings.

Web Design:

  1. 8 Tools Perfect for Web Designer: Going to add a slide in any web page? Here are some helping tutorial for you. This will help the web designers to add complex to very simple slider.
  2. 30 Best Business Vectors For Your Next Designing Project: Here some coll business vectors for the designers. And a cool fact is described in this blog post’s introduction.
  3. 22 JavaScript/jQuery Tutorials for New Web Developers: These JavaScript tutorials is a must read for those who are initiating developments in Java.
  4. Essential JavaScript: the top five script loaders: Jack Franklin explains how JavaScript script loaders work and examines five of the most popular ones to help you decide which one to use for your project.
  5. 50 Cool text effects in CSS3: CSS3 and HTML5 has changed the face of the web. There are many things still you don’t know that can be done by CSS3. It’s a great design asset.


  1. Before You Install A WordPress Plugin: Before installing a WordPress plugin you must ask yourself these questions.
  2. 10 Free WordPress Magazine Themes: Here is 10 free WordPress templates that you can use in your next project.


I haven’t read any post’s related to blogging this week. As I was busy with creating my own new post. I have seen most of the bloggers in these days quit after some time just because they are demotivated by people. People who are not related to blogging try to demotivate them. So, I wrote this post  how you should stay creative against those words.

And as usual I have been asked this week several times- am I really making money through my blogging? YES…YES and YES!!! I am really earning through my blogging. just because you think that Google Adsense is the only way to earn won’t make me a sad blogger. Bloggers do not earn from Adsense only. There are affiliation and other activities.

So- stay creative and blog well.

One thing to know that you are not the best in the world and you have to understand that there are people who are over confident and dumb. Look at this video, this explains how to stay creative.

29 Ways to Stay Creative29 Ways to Stay CreativeSource: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPW264Yh0-medMYE6hgH7w

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