4 Biggest Content Marketing Trends of 2015!

We have seen so many changes in the internet marketing world this year 2015. If you are trying to get into all these at once you will get hopeless. There are so many changes and so much to remember. So, for your convenience I am sharing a infographs from the  MDG Advertising. This will definitely help you to get an overall idea of the content trends and marketing changes of this year.

The key changes have come to these:

1. User-generated media is exploding
2. Digital video is going small and vertical
3. Don’t forget about your blog
4. New ad formats are taking off

With Facebook and other social media, user generated contents are getting the most up votes. People are liking and sharing more on Facebook than any other media. They even generates content just for Facebook users.

Video is taking place in the favorite list. User generated live video streams and audio are now growing each day.

the state of the internet 2015 content trends infographic


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