4 Winning Strategies to Use Guest Posting as a Part of SEO

Have you ever thought, you can use guest posting as a part of SEO strategy? If yes, then you must have already known that guest posting can serve up the SEO goods.  The trick is when your guest post is published on a blog, that has an alliance with your own website but it’s not your competitor site, you can reap the SEO benefits out of it. If you are looking for some effective tips to make the best use of your gust posting in terms of SEO, the following points can help you out.

While writing Guest Posting

While searching for blogs to write gust post on, you can use your favorite search engine but google should be your first preference. A number of blogs are there across the world which accepts gust post most cordially. While writing a guest for a blog , make sure you know the guidelines provided. Try not to use any short cut while writing. If you are not a professional writer, then you can hire a ghost writer, who has experience and can save you the hassle and time of writing the content. Make sure you don’t submit the same content to multiple websites. Most blogs will refuse, as they do check for duplicate contents. Be certain your submission has not been previously published or posted elsewhere and it’s completely authentic and if your submission has already been published or posted elsewhere, you must not attempt to reuse it. Your content should be written on a relevant topic, keeping in mind the specific requirements of the blog and the specific demands of the blog readers. Your content must be full of information and should add value to the blog.


You must follow the guidelines given by the website owner. In case he allows images to accompany guest posts, find a suitable image along with your gust post. Make sure you include license details and the original source of the image, so the webmaster can check all the details.

Contact blogs

Regardless whether or not the blogger mention gust posting on their blogs, you must contact as many bloggers, as possible. Make sure you don’t use a standard email template for all of them. Try to give a personal touch to your emails and make them suitable for each specific blog. Recheck your mail couple of times to ensure that there is no grammar or spelling errors in them. Provide a list of previous guest posts or articles in your mail for reference.

Final thought

Last but no the least, guest posting is an opportunity  to reap the benefits of search engine optimization, so make the most use of it to build a relationship with other sites and to attract new visitors and possibly subscribers or customers. You must not aim for the high PR sites only; your guest posting strategy should be incorporating a number of sites with different page rankings.

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