5 Marketing Ideas That Works

When you are marketing a product for your company then there are certain things you can do to get the maximum benefit from your marketing efforts. It doesn’t matter you are doing online or offline marketing. All that matters are how your approach is and what you are offering.

For example, a normal crystal ring can be sold within 5$ to 6$ (suppose). But if you put it in a box with nice outlook and also includes a note of love, affection etc. then you can sell it around 15$ to 20$. I am taking that the extra things will cost you around five dollars more and if your production cost for the ring is three dollar, that means your total cost is eight dollars and you are selling it for 15$ to 20$. Your net profit is 7$ to 12$. What is the catch? This is how you have to furnish your marketing efforts. Invest some on marketing and that will repay you more than you imagine. And learn the way to do it more attractively because it does matter.

01. Business Cards:

Do you have a business card? If the answer is “NO” – then please get one as soon as possible. A business card with your name and web address will give you the opportunity to market your products offline and bring you more customers. In today’s busy world people won’t remember what they don’t have in their wallet. A business card will do that for you. Sometimes it passed away to a new customer who needs it. So ultimately you will be benefited from that.

02. Creating a Brand Name & Logo:

Choose your brand name very carefully. This is the name by which you are going to be recognized in online and offline. You may have many different products but your brand name will show that all of them are under this unique name and can be trusted.  Creating a brand name is one of the main things to a successful business. Make it simple, eye catching and meaningful so that everyone can remember.

Branding also comes with a custom logo that will represent your company at anywhere. If you are not a designing expert then take help from someone else who can design your logo but make it attractive.

03. Speaking to Community:

Getting help from a community can make your business run faster. If you are in a community then take help from them. Do speak in their seminars and discussion boards. Make your-self known to them. Attend meetings and parties in a casual manner. Tell everybody close to you about what you do and what are your services. Be careful about one thing that if you are not a good speaker then you might spoil the fun. So it will need to do some practices.

04. PPC Marketing:

Pay Per Click campaigns for the online marketing is a great thing to expose your brand name and services. Trying to avoid competition and going for the simple short keywords on your niche may help to get you maximum exposure. For the PPC campaigns there are several options open to you- Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN etc. For the targeted and quality visitors to your website I think facebook ads will just do great.

05. Free Sample:

Free samples are the give away gift to the potential customers. It might be an audio CD, an E-book, may be a T-Shirt with your logo, a gift box etc. Sometimes cash is also given for some certain marketing campaign, such as consumer survey.

In some free sampling test some company let the customers to try their best services for just a dollar or some pennies. This strategy works for 70% of the potential customers. If they can test the best service for free then they might want to buy it.

So it depends on you- how you approach your to your customers and what business you want to run. Just keep in mind that your marketing efforts may not give you the result at that moment but it will show up in time. So do it perfectly and continuously.

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