5 SEO Mistakes Your Law Firm Might Be Making

Your law firm is competing in a naturally competitive market, which means you know you can’t let your marketing and advertising efforts fall behind. But don’t be fooled into thinking a website with a few choice keywords is going to set you apart from the rest. In fact, there are actually several common SEO mistakes that law firms make. Not only can these mistakes deter visitors from staying on your website, but it can make it extremely difficult for search engines to find and index your website in the first place.

Ensuring that your law firm’s SEO efforts are being done correctly and are performing effectively can increase traffic to your website, help you reach a wider audience, and eventually convert more leads. Read up on the five most common law firm SEO mistakes below and make sure your website isn’t falling into any SEO pitfalls.

Using Flash

Flash sure does look nice, but that’s all it can offer your law firm’s website in terms of SEO. Simply put, search engines looks for text to index websites and determine their value. A flash website is mostly images, and therefore, a search engine won’t assign much value to your website. The result will be little to none organic traffic…essentially, your website will be lost in the cyber world. Furthermore, flash websites can take longer to load, don’t always offer an intuitive user experience, and are more prone to breaking. All of these potential problems widen the gap for your website to fall off the map. Stick with tried-and-true HTML for your website and you won’t have to worry about any of flash’s inherent problems.

Extensive Site Architecture

Site architecture is often overlooked when it comes to SEO but it actually plays an important part in indexing your website and keeping visitors online. If your website has a lot of pages, say your law firm specializes in several different types of law and you’d like a separate page describing each service and lawyer, then you’re looking at a pretty complicated website. But this isn’t the bad part. Complicated websites like the one I’ve just described will only start to hurt your SEO efforts if you a user has to click more than three or four times to get to the desired information they’re seeing. Try flattening your website’s architecture and simplifying information so you don’t leave much room for a visitor to get flustered by the complex layout. You’ll also be helping the search engines index your site.

Keyword Stuffing

While most law firms are using keywords on their website, they’re not using them in the right way. Keyword stuffing used to be a great way to show search engines how relevant your website of. Basically, if you kept using the words “best Colorado divorce lawyer” over and over again, the search engines would figure you obviously knew your stuff. But that didn’t last very long. Today, if you’re caught using the same keywords over and over again, your website will be penalized by the search engines. While you shouldn’t stray from keywords altogether, you should limit the amount of times you use the same keywords, as well as think up new terms that could assist in SEO.

Those “Useless” Meta Tags

If you’ve been thinking that those title tags, description tags, alt image tags, and keyword tags were just there for the heck of it, you were sorely mistaken. Meta tags are another way search engines index a website, and the more information you write in, the better search engines will understand your website. Also, you can be using meta tags incorrectly if you’ve been writing in the same descriptions on every page of your website or leaving others blank. Keep in mind, however, that meta tags no longer play a huge role in SEO. They are still an important aspect, but don’t let this be the one point you take away from this article.

No Link Building, No Problem!

Well, actually…you’re wrong. Refusing to participate in any sort of link building campaigns can be the difference between a popular and useful website and just something you write on your business cards. Link building connects your website with similar ones, broadens your audience, and tells Google you’re a source that can be trusted. It can be time consuming if you want to see real results, but it would be silly to ignore ethical link building programs like guest blogging or forum moderation just because it requires some extra work. Get your website connected and you’ll see more organic traffic than ever before.

Your law firm joined the SEO game because it wanted to stand out and be noticed. In such a highly competitive industry, your business needs all the attention it can get. Improve your law firm’s Internet marketing strategy by avoiding these classic law firm SEO mistakes and you’ll start setting yourself apart immediately.

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