5 Tips to Get Website Traffic

Millions of websites are out there and more are getting listed everyday. People make websites for personal and business purpose. Sometimes it is just a fun to some people. I am not talking about those websites who doesn’t care about traffic. Those are just personal and can be OK with small decent visitors. But if you have a blog or website for business purpose then you have to care about the traffic.

Only doing search engine optimization and advertisement can’t make any big difference to your site if you do not follow some simple rules. These things are mandatory for any webmaster or blogger to get a continuous flow of visitors.

01. Keeping Everything Simple:

The main target of a blog or website is to provide the users with the necessary information. Visitors come to a site to get what they are looking for. Most of the time they are looking for a specific thing and they do not care for the website design, background or the beautiful logo.

So making things simple really won’t hurt your reputation at all. If you can give the visitors what they need then it doesn’t mater what your site looks like. Make the navigation system easy and findable. You don’t have to use a lot of graphics or attracting background pictures. These things increase the loading time and valuable users might leave and never come back again.

It has to be kept in mind that color selection and logo have to be blended with the sites design. Using bad color combination and odd slogan might tell the visitors that you are not professional.

02. Original Content:

Don’t get surprised – this is one of the important things to get visitors. You may not have time and can’t write your contents, but keep in mind that- there is no alternatives of original contents. If you can’t write then you have to hire somebody to write for you. Sometime people fill ups their blogs with free article and copied things. The bad thing of this practice is- you might loose the search engine popularity, sometimes even get banned. Why don’t you think that nobody wants to read the same content again and again.

The free article directory gives you the free content or articles to make their position stronger in the search engines. They are getting back link from that. It is obvious that people love to read from the new sources and they like the originals. So never grab anything from article directory if you want to be a professional blogger.

03. Keep Your Visitors Interested:

Visitors are the vital thing of any website or blog. Without them your blog or site is dead. So, always keep them in focus and never send them empty handed. Gift them with new ideas and info. If you have an e-book, give it to them for free. They might tell others about your site and you can get more visitors. Giving free things like e-book, software, wallpapers etc is a good way of marketing too.

If you have a guest book to sign then encourage them to sign there name in that. Blogs have some potential through the blog commenting system. You should always reply their comments.

If you can’t give anything to your visitors then it is sure that they will forget your sites name and never will come back.

04. Link Exchange:

Exchanging links with the same kind of sites in your niche is a good thing to get targeted visitors. You can easily find lots of sites like yours who are sharing the same interests as yours. Make a conversation with them and exchange your links with theirs.

If you are selling a particular product then it will be helpful you have connection with those who are selling those too.

Search engines like Google also like to see you have linked from the high page ranked sites and your ranking sometimes increases for that. Though this is not the main reason of link exchange. Link exchange will help you to get familiar in the niche market.

05. Marketing:

Your marketing strategy will define how much you will be popular. For the better competitive market you might have to spend money on Google Adwords too. But for the starters it should be like- article marketing, e-mail marketing and free advertising. You have to let the world know about you. Drop you url to the search engines. Write for the article directories.

Sometimes making comments and giving review to others in your same niche also bring some visitors. This is also one kind of marketing.

So, before going to the competitive market you can easily make some reputation following these steps. And for more marketing options you can read my previous posts.

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