5 Useful Online Tools for HR Professionals

5 Useful Online Tools for HR Professionals 1Human resource departments are responsible for managing all employees within an organization. Key responsibilities include organizing the staffing needs, recruiting and retaining employees, training new employees and overseeing employee benefits and compensation procedures. Employees are one of the most important assets with most companies, and thus, developing effective human resource strategies are critical to the success of an organization.

Over the years, new technological advances have bridged the gap between managers, employees and customers. Emerging trends in online resources have allowed many companies to maintain a competitive edge. Globalization is an important factor in the success of many organizations, and many organizations have expanded their business to colleagues and customers in other parts of the world.

Social media outlets and company websites have allowed employees and customers to easily communicate directly with top managers and executives. Employees and customers have the opportunity to provide a voice regarding company strategies, policies and technological developments. Companies can utilize online resources to develop loyal followers and easily provide important information to the public. As a result social media tools for hr professionals has become a need today.

Expanding Business Networks

Companies utilize various social media channels to expand their business contacts and networks. With the popularity of social media sites, human resource managers can communicate with colleagues and human resource managers in different industries from around the world in regards to new technological developments and challenges facing the human resource departments. HR professionals can publish tips and acquire new ideas affecting human resource issues.

Internal Organizations

Because of the popularity of the internet, employees in different organizations surf the internet during work hours regularly. Although this may be a major issue in many companies, whereby employees spend more time surfing the internet rather than performing job duties, human resource managers have the opportunity to enable employees to create professional internal groups. By interacting with each other in regards to company outings and other community activities, human resources can include employees in their social media strategies. This strategy promotes unity within an organization as well as increase employee retention percentages.

Company Blogs

Many companies utilize company blogs to attract and retain customers and communicate ongoing changes within their organizations. Blogs are an effective way to provide information to the public and allow customers, clients and colleagues an opportunity to keep up with the culture of an organization.

Attracting Personnel

HR professionals can utilize company websites and other online job boards to attract the most qualified employees to fill various staffing needs. Prospective employees can use online application forms and submit their applications, resumes and other job-related content electronically via company websites. Applicants can view company websites from any location in the world and apply for jobs without going through the hassle of using the postal mail services or face-to-face interactions.

In-House Libraries

HR professionals in different industries have the opportunity to create in-house libraries using company blogs. Some companies have create virtual universities and utilized online libraries as ways to provide training opportunities for entry-level employees as well as tenured employees. Employees have the ability to access virtual libraries and compliance tools for hr professionals to refresh their memories about certain topics, update their knowledge and acquire new skills.

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