Are You Using Anything for Grabbing Stats?

Do have a stats plugin installed for your blog?

This question might not come to the mind of new bloggers. But when you are starting your journey as a blogger you should prepare well for it. Using a stat plugin will certainly give you the inside view of your users.

Most of the time new bloggers do not know about it or they do not want to add or collect data as they think their blog is just a new baby, so there might not be so much insight. Funny, very funny. By thinking this, you are not showing the professional attitude you need to be a good blogger.

Are You Using Anything for Grabbing Stats

Do you know what stats can you get from a stat plugin?

  • The number of visitors.
  • Which pages or posts are popular?
  • Who is referring visitors towards your blog?
  • Mostly the search terms that is used to reach here.

Don’t you think these things are important or you can use them to boost your blogs popularity?

Sure, you can and you should think about it. When your blog is new you might not see the grace in visitor number, but you can see that what type of keywords or posts they like most? Use them, try to increase some more keyword rich post to increase the search engine results.

The stat plugin will give you the outline of plan for your marketing effort. Like, I do link building for my blogs, but I started that after I started to use the stats plugin. Because I have seen that guest posting or commenting on others blog is boosting my visitor numbers (Get the idea inside your head). Once the referring stats were almost null for my blogs but after I studied that and the search items, I planned on how to do link building for a particular blog.

WordPress stat plugin is the very best and used by many of the bloggers. You need to have a account to get that. Search for the Jetpack plugin and install and activate it. You can see the site stats in the Jetpack menu.

Another good choice can be the “Wp-Stats plugin. I am using it and it is hassle free.  Even no API is needed from the WordPress for it. It’s a very simple plugin and comes handy in time.

So- don’t ignore the power of stats even for a baby blog.

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