Are You Writing for People or Search Engine?

I do not blog everyday- it’s because most of the days I do not find anything interesting to share with my readers. And I do not care for the search engine bot’s too.

So, creating content just for search engine is not on my mind. I am willing to give my readers something interesting and new. Yes, it did payed me great in the past and I am sure search engine (bots) also hates to read cluttered content with meaningless words and sentences. Those days are gone when you can create a blog with spinned articles and use Adsense to earn money.

What Google Loves?

We can never be sure what Google loves in a website- they are changing their algorithms regularly and moving the worthless indexed pages at the bottom of the search result pages. But one thing be sure- they are looking at how much time people are staying on a page and how many of them are visiting regularly. So- from those deep analysis it’s easily possible to determine whether a content is good or bad. that’s why you can rank top with a keyword and then fell at the bottom quickly. If people do not love the content and if your bounce rate is bigger- Google will penalize you.

Here’s the SEO 101: Write for your readers not for the keyword loving bots.

Not only Google but other search engines are also looking to the metrics of people love for your content. If you create something good and interesting then it will be shared throughout the web like in social medias – twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg or StumbleUpon and so on. Your readers will do the SEO for you. All these sharing trends and matricks will give you a search engine boost.

So the rule is pretty simple- do write for your readers and people. Write interesting things that attracts people most. Otherwise there is nothing that can make you a successful blogger.

Here’s and inspirational video for you from Darren Rowse.

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