Basics of Earning Online

I am always trying to make things simpler for my blog readers and I know that most of them are newbies. The main problem of the newbie online earners are that they are too much impatient. They think that earning from online is just as easy like sleeping. WRONG! Brothers and sisters, please read carefully. I am earning and you can too, but it needs time and labor. This is the second time I am answering these questions.

01. What method you prefer to earn online?

Ans: This is the question I have heard a lot. A few years ago I thought that Google Adsense is the way – how I am going to earn online. But after that in reality I have seen Google Adsense is just a part of earning and you have to work very hard to get your first check through Adsense.

Now I am earning most of my money through freelancing. This is my profession and I love it. This is the way through which you can earn quickly and get a good income too.

Again, there are things like SEO, Marketing and content creating …. bla bla bla for the adsense earning . You must have a good page ranked site to earn better from the ad campaign or PPC ads. Otherwise do not believe that you can sleep and your site will earn you money.

02. Is there any other way than freelancing?

Ans: Yap, always. I didn’t said that this is the best way. You can earn from affiliate marketing and blogging too. Work as a professional writer or consultant. Open your own consultancy farm online. You may shine. And there is always ways to invest money online to earn more. This blog is all about that. I have written several topics on these kind of things. Please read.

03. So I have to be an expert to start earning?

Ans: I look at this from my point of view. You have to be an expert to get job at online. And your job will earn you money. It all depends on your online profession.

04. When I should quit?

Ans: Never, unless you are too much lazy to sit infront of your computer. Because this is not a fun you are reading in here. I have spent plenty of time to think and write this – to help people like you. Because I am earning my living on it.

05. How much you can earn?

Ans: It’s not dependent on country or region. And I don’t know how much you can earn. But, be sure that you can earn a lot more than a service holder or bank executive does if you can go along the right path.

06. Do I need training from a professional to work online?

Ans: The answer is yes and no. All the resources are online. You just need to find it and learn it by yourself. You love designing then look for those tutorials. Or you can choose a marketing career. Research and act on it. There are many bloggers who are discussing on these topics for a long time. Even I am telling this to you for free. So why you need to spend money on that? Just go to Google and search.

But, when you need a personal coaching from an expert, it will sure cost you some money. This will also minimize your time waste and you can learn faster. I am also thinking to start a course on blogging for the beginners at udemy. You can follow me there after this month.

Please do mail me if you don’t want to comment. May be I can help you with a free e-book. And to the fellow bloggers – please don’t waste your time here if you won’t stay. It’s not that much easy as you have heard.

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