Being a Blogger Means Staying Creative

The aim of blogging differs from people to people and serious people are trying every way to improve their blogging. I have seen people started to blog and after 6 month or a year they quit. They quit because they are not interested anymore and wanted some quick result from the blogging.

Trying hard and being failure is a natural thing. You have to learn that nobody is perfect and you can fail sometimes. it’s OK to change your assumption, the outlook of success path and obviously your plans for next time. As a blogger you have to be that innovative and forget what negative minded people are saying.

The demotivation of negative minded people

The first thing they will try to impose on you that “It is not possible”. So, you can easily quit. Remember that when someone says it is not possible- they are trying to make you believe that you can’t do it as they themselves have failed.

Being a Blogger Means Staying Creative 1

I don’t give a damn about what you can or couldn’t. I want to try and fail in my own way. So, never get demotivated in your blogging for these people. Some people just don’t know how to encourage. Many can say to you- you can’t be a blogger, it’s a hard path, it’s a time loss, you’ll fail shortly etc. Yes, all can be happen- but the opposite can happen too. You can be a successful blogger and earn name and fame too.

Learn, learn and learn- there is no other way you can be creative. Creativity will not be evolve from just sitting around. you have to learn and read other blogs, change your mindset and planning, follow the successful ones and analyzing the situation- why other blog is popular than your’s?

As long as you will keep trying to learn from your mistakes- you are the creative person. Creative people are not idle. So, try to learn everyday from your surroundings and stay creative.

learning and motivation

A blogger is always a hard worker, a learner and so he is a creative person.

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