Best 3 Free Hosting on Web

No matter what you search on Google or yahoo – if you are searching for a free hosting  then these 3 free hosting is the best I have ever seen. And off course a word to remember a free hosting has always limitations and you are not free to do anything in your free hosting. So if you are just starting your web journey then free hostings are good.

google girl01 Google’s:

Thanks to the net giant Google. They are providing a superb flexible hosting service for many people around the globe. I like Google not only for their simple management, but they are efficient too. Downtime or anything else that is headache for a hosting company or it’s users are little less with Google.

Are you wondering what I am talking about? Well I am telling you about the, or Google sites and docs. All of them are free to host your precious documents with the online’s most reliable company. Even there are other services Google provides you might not heard about. You can find most of them after you logged in to G-mail or Google and click the more>> link.

02. ByetHost:

This is the second one I would recommend. I used them for  quite some time and I guess there are very few free hosting who can be compared with them. Now you might ask why I stop using it? Well- I need no more free hosting from them as I have already got some best paid hosting.

And when you are going to be serious about your business, then it will be better for you to move into a paid hosting. Even you can upgrade your free hosting, and are both from byethosting one is vista panel free hosting and another is cPanel free hosting.


How could I forget about this!! If you are a WordPress lover and going to make your own WordPress blog then they are the best in the free market. In here you can also upgrade later with your own domain. A little costly but sure reliable and hassle free. The community is strong and all kind of free things are open for you.

Now, as I said earlier there might be other best web hosting services online but these three are the toppers in my list. And as usual it is best to start a business in paid hosting not in a free. Free hosting has always some drawbacks. The important one is they are not bound to you for anything. Their terms and rules will always save them.

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