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Creating and maintaining a website has become quite easy after the revolution in CMS platform. CMS has made the web development simpler and cheaper. A content management system (CMS) helps to present the data in most convenient and professional way. Again archiving the data is now safer and easier with these open source CMS software.

What is CMS?

CMS or content management system is a powerful system of organizing and displaying content in a unique way. Most of the CMS has multifunctional application. The administrative area of CMS has also made it unique from other website building softwares. With the easy functionality and maintenance panel it’s never been so easy for a novice person to make a website.

What is the best CMS

There are so many content management systems for you to choose from. It’s up to you – what you need and what you want. I am listing some of the best CMS software bellow. And of course, these are open source and free.


WordPress is by far the best cms software for free. It’s open source CMS and got millions of downloads every month around the world. Nicely designed templates and lot’s of free plugins made it more attractive than other CMS. Some of the web designers think that this is also the best cms software for website creation. It can be easily converted into any niche based site.


Joomla is another great open source CMS software. It is second in my list. It might be the best cms software for business. This is because- it is powerful as a CMS, free, easily managed and an active community of helping people. Joomla is in the first place for best cms software for designers. There are many powerful web tools that are made with Joomla.


This is another best cms software for free. Though it is not as much popular as the top two, but people are getting into for various uses. Drupal does not have a vast majority of themes and plugins like WordPress and Joomla, yet it is rising in the list of favorite.


phpNuke is not mostly popular. But it is the first CMS software in PHP and can be easily integrated into any PHP server. For one thing I included this in the list that is its security. Due to its enhanced security I think this is the best cms software for business. Any business needs a secure transfer of data and their identity must not be hacked on the web. In that case I will recommend this one to use.


Most of you might not hear about it. We are busy with WordPress or Jumla. But this CMS is also one of the best open source CMS and can be used nicely for a business site to manage their information on the web.


The e107 is easy to implement and it’s very light on your server. The last time I checked, they’re supporting the community is in bad condition. You can have modification around the web.


Dolphin is meant to be a community software. It is best for any large data driven community that needs to contain some content too. It can be integrated with galleries, personal blogs, mailing system and Facebook like applications. So, it is top on my list when I am going to build a community.


You might have heard of it. This open source CMS software can be used as a content driven site or support ticket forum. It also can be used as just a portfolio for a software solution company. Keep an eye on it- as I think this has an enormous opportunity to customize.

WordPress is more likely a blog software than a CMS. But around the web I have seen many people think this is the best cms software for eCommerce, personal blog, photography blog or even for landing pages. So it fully depends on you. These are open source and customizable CMS – you can use them and modify them as you need.

Different CMS has a different purpose to serve. You have to choose wisely – what will be the best for your particular job. But in my sense, I will always keep ahead Joomla and WordPress.

Let me know-

  1. What you think are the best?
  2. What are you using as a CMS?
  3. What should be added to the CMS platform?
  4. What is the worst CMS you have seen?

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