What is Success?

Success is not what you think or even what you see. বিশেষ করে বাঙ্গালিদের জন্য যারা অতিরিক্ত পরনিন্দায় আসক্ত। ...Read More

It’s Better Late Than Never

This is the first post of this blog and I wanted it to be something special. I couldn’t find anything special as I am not a speech maker or a guru of some kind. All I can do is inspire people. And this starts ...Read More

Friday Madness- Why Do I blog?

Sometimes I think that why actually I blog? Blogging is not my main stream of income yet. I spend hours of my time and money just to host blogs and read other blogs and make this posts for you. Why? It’s because it’s my ...Read More

Friday Madness- The Busy Week

Well, this week was a busy week for me. Giving two of my blogs new outlook and helping one of my client with the assessing of how much damage a hacker has done to his websites. Now it’s again the Friday and I am ...Read More
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