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Blog commenting as link building

Bloggers are busy in writing articles for them and everybody. If you are a blogger then you are busy too. But writing good articles won’t always bring you success. You have to announce yourself to the world. Let them know. people don’t need hidden ...Read More

Writing Articles for Your Blog

We all have to write. This is a normal thing for all of the bloggers. But sometimes it happens when we forget things like- 1. How to start a new one? 2. All my Ideas are gone. How could I write again. 3. I ...Read More

Are You a New Blogger Like Me?

If you are a new blogger then this topic is for you. I am specially writing this to share my experiences with you. When you have just started blogging – all you will need in your path to success is patience. I have seen ...Read More

Playing Game and Earning Money

This is my second article about playing and earning online. As you know that – online earning is not as easy as everyone says. It’s much more difficult than you thought. So earning by playing games should also be difficult. But it is not ...Read More

Earning by Text Links

I was talking about different monetizing options for your blog or website.  The traditional way is to copy paste some codes in your template to show the sponsored ad. In this way a fixed place of your page is always occupied with Ads. It ...Read More

4 Ways to Make Money from Home

When we are taking about making  money from home, we are actually talking about “Make Money from Home Online“. Since the creation of internet it is running towards money. Why not? This is a huge market place and the opportunities are very good. If ...Read More
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