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Free Image Editing Software

Have you ever been jealous of looking at other’s photos on Facebook? How could they edit or animate their photos like this? Why can’t you do that way? OK, today I am going to introduce you with a software that is fully free to ...Read More

Fiverr – as a Freelancing Market Place

Fiverr is different from other freelancing market place. You must have heard the oDesk or Elance market place where contractors and clients made profile. Then clients advertise their job and contractors apply. These two market places are complicated and depends on several variables and ...Read More

Enjoying My Life as a Freelancer

“Freelancing” – this word is the turning word for my life. I was never intended to be a web designer or a freelance worker. But, years back when I first heard this word with a realization of what it is and how much a ...Read More
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