Blogging and Making Money, How Easy it is?

It has happened many times that my friends, students and listeners asked me if it is really possible to make money through blogging. Even some people asked me- if this is a false thing or not. May be they thought I am trying to make some quick popularity and money by saying these blogging and earning things.

Blogging and Making Money, How Easy it is? 1

Clearing the Misconceptions

First, misconception of people is that blogging can be profitable if you are on a popular niche like “Money Making” – I am sorry to say that this is totally a wrong idea. The money making niche is already so populated and some super duper pro-blogger are covering this niche that you can’t do better in here. You have to compete in a over crowded market with some giant. forget it and let’s focus on something like shoes, gardening, making home videos or even your stamp collection hobby.

The idea is to write about something that you know and you will love.

The second, misconception is- making money is only a matter of months. This is also a wrong idea. Just for believing in short term return most of the new bloggers are dropped within 6 months. There is no shortcut way you can make money in blogging. You have to be very patient and focused on your blog to make it an authoritative popular blog. Money comes after the popularity.

It’s not like making a blog and adding Google Adsense or other advertisement banners to earn money for blog. there are several long and hard labor between these.

So, when anyone is saying that they have a software or formula that can make you thousand from blogging- it’s a lie. there is no second way than doing hard labor for your blog before it lay eggs for you.

Do I Make Money?

OH, HELL YEAH! I am making a good amount from blogging and I do not tell publicly on how much I earn from my blogging, as I think this is totally unnecessary to discuss on earning amount. But it is sure that blogging is making money for me.

So- those asking me or another blogger about the truth- I say it’s TRUE. Blogging is profitable. I didn’t earn money from my first day of blogging. The earning was very little in the beginning and I was curious about how to increase that. I learned through trial and error. May be each earning blogger learns in the same way. Everyone has a different method or process of earning  from blog. And they all learned from the mistakes they did.

The road is not short and for a newbie it is quite impossible to earn money without proper guidelines. And as there are very few teachers who really will reveal the process of their earning methods- you have to learn by making mistakes.

This blog is not my most profitable blog I run. Actually this is a new blog where I write about blogging, SEO and Money Making. So- I am not competing in this money making niches. i know that it will be hard work to compete with those blogs in the same nice.

The earning increases as time passes and you can see that the longer you stay on blogging business- the more you are getting paid. It’s a play of time and patience.

Can You Make Money?

I should say yes, but I know many of you can’t make any money from blogging. Others will only make an amount that can buy them coffee. Some will sure shine in the area and they will be able to make a living from blogging.

This all depends on your approach of the work. The hard thing is to stay on the road and keep going. Success is hard but not impossible. I even know people who were able to earn money from the second or third month of their blogging.

Obviously I do not believe in all those bullshit programs and software that claims that will make you billionaire or earn 1000$ per month just by sitting 1-2 hours on your laptop. I have failed several times and learned the way of success through trial and error.

If you are one of those people that believes that earning from a blog or blogging is dependable only from advertising revenue, then you are totally wrong and it is better to leave this idea as early as you can.

Especially the earning of a blogger will be dependable on choosing the right monetization method and implementing the suitable ones through testing and trial.

I hope it’s clear to all of you guys now.

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