Blogging When You are Not in the Mood

It has happened several times to me- when I couldn’t write for weeks. Now this is a bad thing if you are a professional writer or blogger. Because most of your earning comes from your writing or blogging. So when you stop writing you are loosing speed. By the time you gain the track again you might see the competition has gone far. So it is necessary for a rising blogger to write regularly even when you do not want to. Make your mind to write regularly that will ensure two things:-

01. You are practicing and improving your writing quality under pressure.
02. You are learning how to overcome writers block.

Actually if you are able to write when you are not in the mood that means you can control your mind and able to write anytime and anywhere. I know it might seem funny to some of you newbie blogger. You might think what is the benefit of gaining control over your mind?

This is the gift every blogger want to have – to write anywhere and anytime. I have seen bloggers writing when they are on vacation and on the way to somewhere. That means when they are on bus or taking rest in the cafe.

Blogging When You are Not in the Mood 1

Technology can be your best friend

How can you be in-touch to your blog all time? When you are not at home you can carry your laptop or net-book with you. If you can find half an hour then open your laptop and write your draft post. You can also read online on the way if you have your laptop with you. Blogging do not mean only writing in your own blog. A huge part of blogging includes reading other blogs.

If you can afford a smartphone then get one. Your blogging will find a new way. Personally I will advice you to get an android phone. I have written most of the starting of my blog post and done research on my Samsung android.

Technology is around us and we bloggers are advanced in knowing about it. So what is the point of not using it?

I can name some other devices like tablet, ipad for your blogging tools. Now its up to you to use them or not.

Write down the ideas

OK, you might not write the full post or review when you are not in the mood. But you can write down the ideas and points on which you can start later. It is possible that you can forget the ideas you had got once – so why not write down it in your phone when you have the ability to do so!

There is another thing you can do while you are not on the mood. Read and comments on others blog. This will enrich your knowledge and create some link backs for you. Still it’s a good practice to leave comments on others blogs.

Blogging is not a fun game when you are serious about it. It’s making money and you do not want to ruin your investment and time. Most of the time the writers block affected the lazy people. if you can watch a movie for at least 2 hours then their is no point you can’t spend 30 mins everyday on your blog.

Make a List

Make a list of your activities for the next week. Where will you go and what will you do for your blog in the next 7 days. for example it can look like-

  1. Reading the recent trends on blog-sphere for an hour or two.
  2. Making notes and comments on the popular blogs posts rather than your’s.
  3. Deciding your next blog posts ideas for this week.
  4. Researching and collecting data for your posts.
  5. Making drafts and correction.
  6. Scheduling or publishing your latest posts.
  7. Sharing them around your social channels.

This is a rough idea what can be your list. make your own list and try to follow at least  2 points in a single day. Believe me this thing works like a charm and you can see that you are utilizing your unproductive time also.

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