Can You Earn as a Blogger?

Do you think you can earn as a blogger? I asked this question to myself two years ago. I was confused at that time- if it’s really possible for me. Well, to be honest I thought blogging would be a total time loss for me. I am happy now that assumption of mine has proven wrong. Yes, I am earning quite a good amount from my blogging now.

Can You Earn as a Blogger? 1

So, what was the turning point?

The most important thing to earn as a blogger is to change the attitude towards your blogging. You can’t write for yourself anymore. You have to act like a reader if you want your reader to come back again and again in your blog.

One thing to remember, never wish to make money within the first month of your blogging. Blogging and earning both needs time. The more time you’ll give to your blog the more it will become a earning zone for you.

Choosing the right niche

This is the most important part to start your money blog– choosing the right niche. You shouldn’t start on just any topics and start writing about all that comes to your way.

You can have your blog where you share anything you wish, but that can’t be a earning blog for you. To make a blog that will be your money-making place- you should choose a particular topic or niche.

By particular I do not mean that you will write on sports, tech, health or politics. Rather I mean you should make a blog on football, diet control or iphone apps etc. These are just for example and I hope you can choose more interesting and precise niche of your interest. The more narrow you can go on choosing a niche, the better the result will be.

Be an Expert in your field

Write with an authoritative voice. Those people coming to your blog to read or to buy any product must have to believe on what you reviewed or wrote. This is like if you can prove me you are an expert computer guy- then I will buy any computer you suggest.

Being an expert only on your own blog will not help you all the way. You have to provide free help to some online community like forums or discussions group to advertise your expertise. This has two kind of effects. One, you are getting known to people. Second, you are creating back-links for your own blog.

The better you are known to people – the greater your earnings will be as a blogger. So, next time if you ask me: Can I earn as a blogger? I’ll say: OH, HELL YEAH. Just don’t get demotivated.

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