Choosing the Blogging Platform – 1

There are various options when you are creating a blog. Which platform you are going to choose and what is best for blogging? I have made blogs almost on every platform. So I know what is suitable for me. So when someone wants to know what he should do- I tell him about the options.

  1. Make a blog in blogger’s platform
  2. Make a blog in
  3. Blog with your own .com domain and paid hosting.

Why I gave three choices? Because, I think these are the most familiar and popular ways. You should know that there are several other free blogging platforms to choose from. You can have the details blogging list in my E-Book.

1st: The first one is to make a free blog in blogger’s platform. You can have a blog in blogspot if you have a gmail account. Blogspot is a free blogging platform for the bloggers. Nothing to worry about as this is a Google service. You can have plenty of spaces (blogs actually needs little spaces) and a 1GB picture hosting from picasa. Again you can attach your .com domain in blogspot’s blog. So it’s easy to have a professional looking blog on here.

Google indexes the blogspot’s blog a little bit earlier than other blogs. Actually Google prefers the blog hosting here. So you can have auto search engine optimized blog for free. This is the main reason why I always suggest making a free blog at blogspot’s blog. They are Google’s preferred ones. Go to, enter your gmail user details and login with that. And you are ready, start making your blog right now.

2nd: When making a free blog in, it’s easy to start a new one. Go to the home page at and click the “Sign up Now” button. You will be redirected to the signup page and you have everything ready on that page. Choose a user name or blog address. You have to provide an e-mail address too. They will send the information on that e-mail address. And then you have to confirm your e-mail address to proceed on.

3rd: Otherwise, there is a third option to make a blog by having a paid hosting and your own domain. You may use the wordpress software to do that. Most of the bloggers prefers it. For that you have to upload your blog software in your root folder or as described in your hosting manual. Install it as described, choose a nice template and if needed do a little bit customization. And you are ready to start a blog. Remember that when you have a blog on your own paid hosting you have lots of independence to do whatever you wish and again you have to work hard to make it popular too.

What I did

I have my own .com domain and a free cPanel hosting for this blog. I will upgrade someday into a paid hosting. I installed the wordpress software for the blogging platform and even I have a free theme for this blog. So I mixed up things to make this blog. A part is paid and a part is free. Yet this is not hosted on blogspot or on wordpress. I prefer the free things that look like professional.

So it’s now up to you- what you need and where you need. The vast web resources are free to explore. Ask me anything you wish to know. In the later part I will be describing more about making the choices.

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