Create your Portfolio Site

Before creating a portfolio site – you should know that why you need one and what is a portfolio site? I am going to tell you in brief about that.

What is it?

A portfolio in terms of web is a showcase of you or your business services in a web format. It might be a blog or normal site that will describe “who you are and what you do”. Your completions will be arranged there nicely to show your capability of job to the potential customers.

Why you need one?

Now this is a million dollar question – why you need your own portfolio site? Look, I am talking business in this blog and your are reading this in here because you want to know something more about business. What if I can write but I don’t have this blog? Then you are not going to know me and I would have to loose readers like you. So this is my showcase and I am showing my writing capabilities in here.

Like that you need a portfolio site to show your area of expertise. If you are a freelancer, than you must have one to show your completions and expertise summery to be hired.

Do you have a business? If so, through online marketing you can sell your product worldwide. For that you need a portfolio site. And if you have a product to sell online then it is must to have an attractive portfolio site. Believe me; an attractive portfolio site can help to market your product (whatever you sell – E-Books, CD-DVD, Web design service, Consulting etc) more than now.

A good portfolio site

Creating a portfolio site is not all. You have to see that it represents your job and services in a way that can bring you new customers. Here are some tips to start a well formed portfolio site.

01. Your portfolio site should give a clear impression about your work. Its design and logo must be relevant to the service you are offering.

02. Create the site with a domain that influences your name or your business.

03. A small about me section to describe about yourself. You don’t have to tell everything about your personal life in details. Remember you are making a business approach.

04. The navigation system should be easy.

05. Your customers must be able to contact you easily from the portfolio site.

06. Show samples of only your best works in the site and add the testimonials from the customers you have worked for. Feedback has a great value to a portfolio site.

07. Try to make the portfolio a little bit different from your competitors. You have to work hard on that. Let the customers decide why they have to choose you than others.

08. Updating system should be easy in your portfolio site.

09.  You can include your twitter, Facebook or Digg ID to the site. But remember they have to be professional. Don’t include your social media profiles if they are personal.

10. Adding a blog would give you certain boost. You can discus about various things of your work. Customers can give you reviews and recommend others to you.

Now it’s your turn to decide whether you are choosing to stand alone from the crowd or make a portfolio site to become different in the crowd and easily identifiable. If you are doing business online then my suggestion is to make a portfolio site as soon as possible.


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