Creating an E-Commerce Website [To-do list]

E commerce or online shopping sites’ main purpose is to attract as many customers as possible and increase sales revenue. There are many e-commerce websites and it is getting very competitive. But delivering the goods in time and provide better user experience is important to get profits and grow in business.

Web Design

Design of the webpage

The e-commerce website should be well designed and user-friendly. There are 2 parts of E-commerce website, front end and back end. The front end is the GUI or graphic user interface of the front page and other pages which are viewed by the users. The back end is the software running all the applications and is the infrastructure in cyberspace.

The web page must be attractive and interactive with the customers. The colours should match with the products on the page, the brand, corporate colors etc. You can hire a web designer or buy a template and customize it. Graphics interchange format (GIF) can be used to make the page more interesting for the visitor as it adds fun and energy to the shopping experience.

  • The font should be clear and legible.
  • Blinking animation and text which may be distracting should be avoided.
  • Avoid meaningless flashy graphics.
  • Design and colour of the web page should not be overpowering the product.
  • Navigation across the page should be easy for the visitor.
  • The site should be segmented.
  • The page should not be cluttered.

There are some things you should keep in mind while choosing a web hosting company. The host should have a fast and reliable server. The accessibility of the e-commerce website should be easy. The visitors of the website share personal details like username, password and other payment details, so the host should be trustworthy and security should be maintained during transactions.

Some helpful tips while creating an e-commerce website:

  • The sign up forms while registering to the site should not be lengthy. Just email id and password is required.
  • The call to action button should stand out. It should be clear and the color of the button should stand out from the background.
  • Some customers do not like the long process of signing up for the website before making a purchase. It is better to allow guest users to make a purchase and then let them register the next time.
  • The search function which helps customer find what they need should be satisfying. You can provide a list of the products available under specific categories.
  • While making the purchase, the customer would like to know the number of steps it takes to complete the process. It is better to include breadcrumb navigation.
  • Suggesting related items help in increasing the revenue of the web site.
  • Avoid hidden charges on products. Clearly mention the price of the product, the shipping charges, taxes, credit card charges, discounts, etc. So that the visitor gains trust in the site.

These tips will help with creating the e-commerce website and attracting more customers to it.

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