Creating Your Own Website- and Start an Online Venture [Friday Madness]

successLife is not a bed of roses” – I think you have heard this proverb while you were in school. The problem is most of the people do not believe in what they learn at school.

After school you go to college and if you are lucky then may be in university. That is the system in most of the places of the world.

All these things you do is for getting a good job, just to earn money. You may deny, but this is the truth. And your hard work in all these years might not pay you well if you are not careful enough. What can you do if you do not want to live in the traditional way and want to do something new? Be an adventurer, be a inventor or may be a story teller. If you are good at what you do then that will bring you the money to live on.

There are another thing I want to suggest you- “Start an online venture that will give you much freedom” –its not that easy as I said. Life is not also easy in here. But if you work smarter rather than working harder, then you might create a fortune here.

Creating your own website

Learning to create your own website might be your first step to an online venture. You might hire someone to create your website but it’s better to do it by yourself. There are several benefits of trying to create your own website. First of all you are developing a new skill, secondly saving money. And most important is, through this you might going to create a new line of business  for yourself. Who knows you can work as an web developer someday.

For my web developing start I started from the HTML tweaking. I remember the beginning of 8 years ago. I did it with Microsoft front-page at first then when I became expert on the visual design aspects, I moved to the Macromedia Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver was a great move for me and with that I learn how the HTML codes works with the object. How to assign table based design and what is the role of each interlinked page of a website.

The third stage for me was to move in a database based web software. A friend of mine pointed out me to WordPress and that was the start of my professional approach of learning and designing websites. Over the years I have built more than hundreds of web based projects and WordPress sites for my clients around the world. And after my graduation I moved permanently to this profession and keep on learning and working.

Here are some of the sites link that might help you to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP for your start up.


With a Google search you can found more than a thousand results that might help you. But the best is w3schools where you can get all the things arranged. Your learning should start from the HTML basic with the CSS. This will help you to understand the way elements are arranged in an webpage. With this you can design your first website in Dreamweaver.

Another place where you can learn the way of designing and managing a website is They have a huge resource base and all the video tutorials are  professionally developed.

wordpress_blogronAdvancing with WordPress

Making mistakes  is a good way to learn better lessons. When you can make a website in HTMl and CSS then you are ready for the WordPress and other web-based software. WordPress is not that much hard to learn and it is the easiest solution to creat a website within 5 mins. The modification can take a ling time though.

WordPress is a growing platform and you will get a lot of advantages to stay with WordPress. It’s free, the management is easy, installing and backing up WordPress is easier than most other CMS. Again there are a huge chunk of helps, tweaks, plugins and an active community behind WordPress  from where you can get all kinds of help.

From HTML to WordPress it might take you 2-3 months depending on your pace. Being a GURU can take a lot of courage and time. But this may not be needed if you intend to go in any other branch than web developing. For example- you can be an E-Mail Marketer, Affiliate Marketer or a blogger.

Blogging by profession relates to a lot of things and I know once you decided to be a blogger you have to prove yourself to you. Affiliate marketing or consulting for a payment can be related to blogging.

Anyway, that depends on you which way you want to go. The discussion today I wanted to share with you is to tell you that- If you are ready to start blogging/affiliate marketing or any other online venture then you must know at-least how your website works and how can you manage it by yourself.

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