Display Advertising in Email Newsletters

You see display advertising all the time – things like ads on subway posters, magazines, and other media which feature images are some of the more common display ads. Banner ads on the internet are also display advertising. But did you know that display advertising in email newsletters happens to be one of the hottest mediums today? That’s because email subscribers are 5 to 10 times more likely to engage with such ads than they are with web banners.

Email Newsletters

If you have a newsletter of your own, here are some things you can learn about display advertising in email newsletters:

  • You can have ads in your newsletter that can not only appeal to your readers, but that can help monetize your newsletter. One way to do that is to advertise your own product with display ads.
  • Another way is to run email display ads from other companies. You can find them yourself, or hire a site like LiveIntent to find you email newsletter advertising that would fit your site.
  • There can be a halo effect involved with the ads you run in the newsletter. If your customers like you, then they may be more likely to check out your ads. That explains that 5 to 10 times larger engagement level with email newsletter ads over traditional web display advertisements.
  • If you hire a company to find you display ads for your website, you can make sure that only advertisers who will appeal to your readers will show up. That means that if you do an email newsletter geared to knitting products, you won’t get a bunch of basketball ads showing up instead. Advertisers want to target potential customers, and not waste their money targeting ads in the wrong places.
  • With some email advertisers, the ads are dynamic, and load when the email is opened. That means several great things for you. One is that you don’t have to worry about is that the ads will be old and out of date. With such ads, the emails only load when the email is opened, so they will reflect up-to-date advertising. So readers will see about current sales, even if they are pulling up one of your newsletters from a month ago.
  • Running such ads can make the email pay for itself – and then some.  You might be able to not just increase sales from your products, but also make some money from the ads.

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