Do Not Write Unless You Have A Story to Tell, a Problem to Solve!

Most of you already know what I am talking about now.The title of this post states that you do not need to publish content until you think this will help someone else.

This is better for you and for the readers of your blog too. Let’s elaborate my statement.

The giant search engine Google has changed their way of indexing and ranking websites. Now it doesn’t count how many back-links you have or nice keyword you are using. All that matters now is how much good your content is and how the users are acting upon it on the social media.

So this will be a favor for you and to your readers if you do not write or publish unnecessary things in your blog. If you are thinking that where to find the post ideas that people will love? Then you are on the right track now.

Generating ideas that people loves

This is the fun part. The guys who generates most of the keywords for your blog is actually giving you the idea for a topics. You see – we always try to find the less competitive keyword with an average search volume. This is a good practice if you are just starting a new blog. But what about the high competition keyword? those are the topics people love most. So what are you afraid of to use those? Find out the topics from those high searched and high competitive keyword. Use them in longer tail keywords and write elaborately on those topics. These are the things people love and forget about the exact keyword placing. Just move with the topics and you can see though you do not have back-links or exact match keyword, still you are rising in the search and getting a lot of visitors.

This is because you are helping people with new information.

Solve a problem

You must have to admit that most people do not read. Either they do not have time to read or they do not like to read. Whatever the cause the end result is people do not read unless it is necessary and important. The world is getting smarter and information is also getting mostly visual than written on a paper or on a weblog.

So, what you can do to make them read your blog? It’s very simple – they need something you have and getting it from your blog. They need information on a matter that they can’t solve by themselves. So need an expert advice or a solution. Even and alternative solution.

That’s where you need to peep in. Solve a problem like, “how to feed your baby in less time, How to shop cheap in wall mart” and this kinda thing. Just find out your target audience and find out what problems they are facing and you will know what you need to write about. Fuck the keywords and back-linking bullshit. This will make you popular, a problem solver and a public speaker.

I think you know the words: “Necessity (need) is the father of invention” – so, you write on something people need then you will be popular as you wanted.

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