Do You Need Article Spinning Software?

You might have heard about the article spinning software. Article spinning is creating many different version of a single article. Most of the time people do this to market blogs and products into various search engines and directories. This is a try to get back links and increase the ranking in the SERP.

article re-writing toolsIs this Good or Bad?

Some people say spinning article and posting them in PBN networks is OK, though others disagree with this idea. The spinning softwares mostly replace words in a mathematical order with the synonyms. By doing that you are actually losing the quality and sometime even the readability score is almost zero.

From my point of view,  spinning software is not making articles meaningful that people will love. Only another copy to trick the search engines. This sure looses your credibility. These days search engines are much much more intelligent than you think. Getting links from a PBN or from a low quality content won’t make any good in the long run.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing is changing their algorithm regularly to cut the cheating like this. So putting different version of  your single article (same type of thing) can be a pain in your ass. You might earn some penalty point instead of ranks.

With Spinning Software You are not creating any new content, just making copies, even sometimes the quality is super low.

What to do?

Write Unique Content with different type, not one article in different ways. Then it will bring some reputation and organic back links for a long time. Don’t waste your time on spinning one article over and over again. You have to keep in mind that you are writing for the people not for the search engines.

For this reason, I think that we do not need article spinning software. Most of them will cause you lot of money and they can never give you the exact things you need. Article spinning software is a simple synonyms changer, it is not adding value to the content. If  you are a blogger then you must know that synonyms are not applicable in all the place. Some times it changes the meaning of the entire sentence or paragraph. So I have seen that most of these article spinning software delivers a nonsense version of some keywords jumble that is not readable.

Nothing is compared with a human brain. To spin an article one has to rewrite the sentence in a new way that will mean the exact thing as original. And I don’t think any article spinning software has a mind to think about the meanings. I think I made my point clear to you. If you have to spin article then do it by yourself or by somebody else, but not with a spinning software.

The better thing to do is creating meaningful new valuable content with new observation and ideas.

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