Do Your Blog Marketing in 3 Easy Ways

Only blogging can’t give you any success, unless you do some publicity stunt for your new blog. Because, good things have to be shared and you have to let people know that there is something you are going to share with them. Now I am going to tell you about three easy ways to do your marketing.

01. Commenting:

I might have told you earlier about this. I have seen that (with Google webmaster tools) Google has indexed my comments in different blogs as a link back. It’s just great. Whenever I went to read any blog post I have put a comment if it was good. And that is helping me now. It wasn’t hard and didn’t take much time. Again commenting can give you some certain visitors. So this is the painless, effortless and free way to market your blog.

02. Article at Ezine:

The best article marketing can be done if you drop 5 to 6 article on Ezine is one of the biggest article directories and you can get lots of search engine traffic from here. There is also a matter of reputation. It has seen that Ezine articles are maintained for quality and so if you become an ezine author you will gain some reputation. Search engines like ezine articles- so there is a chance to get your rank higher.

You can put your articles into other article directories too. This is a free and easy way to get back links and search engine points.

03. Signature or Card:

Put your blog’s web address as your signature to your emails. This is certainly a good way to market your brand. Another way- you can make some business card for your blog and distribute them to your friends and people you met everyday. There is no better offline marketing way than this. People may forget your blog name if you tell them, but if you give them a printed card they can’t forget it. Again they might pass it to someone else. That’s two level marketing.

There might be a lot of more splendid way for your blog marketing. But I have chosen these three as the easy and best ways to market a new blog. I have got success applying these and hope you will get too.

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