Earn Money by Article Writing

Earning money as an article writer is a not a new idea in the web world. People with good English and grammar sense can do article writing in a professional manner and earn a lot of money. All of the bloggers are somehow working as article writer. But there are more ways to earn money by article writing without a blog.

Where to start

If you are good in writing and enjoy it, then this is for you. Good English knowledge and grammar can make you a professional writer in the web world. At first for practice and to start – I would recommend you to join oDesk; Elance or LimeExchange. These are freelancing sites and lots of jobs are available there for the article writers. You can apply  jobs as an article writer and start on. The plus point is getting a MasterCard for your payment.

Next Level

Your next level should be submitting articles to famous and well known article directories. Write These articles on different topics and they should be well formed. These are to get you familiar in the web. You can call it article marketing. Some of them will be free submission and some of the sites will pay you. Article directory like ezine or eHow will be best to submit your articles. This thing will build up your reputation as an article writer.

It is best if you can manage a blog in this time. People will come and might want to get know about you and your thoughts. Again you can practice your writing in the blog and earn some extra cash from advertising revenue.

Paid Article Submission

There are directories that pay the writers for their articles. They have different policies about article submissions. Read the rules before submitting to them. I am listing some of them for you.

01.  http://www.blurbez.com : This is going to be a great site for the webmasters. With earning from the submitted article it is possible to get back links from the site.

02.  http://www.squidoo.com : Squidoo pages are called lenses. You can create article pages there and earn. If your article is good then you will earn better. It is possible for a professional writer to earn about $10,000 a year.

03.  http://mintarticles.com : Mini Articles share the Adsense revenue with you. You can use your own Adsense code for your article. The more popular it gets, the more you earn.

04.  http://Payperpost.com : Pay per post is a paid review site. You can get paid by reviewing for the Buyers product. You have to submit your blog address for their approval. Upon approval everything is automated. Just wait and see who comes to you for a paid review.

05.  http://www.associatedcontent.com : They are good in fast payment  and professional on article creation.

06.  http://www.triond.com : You can write any article about any topics you like. Revenue is shared about 50%.

07.  http://www.xomba.com: As like other Adsense sharing site. You article and Adsense account is needed. You will get 50% of the revenue.

08.  http://www.reviewparty.com

09.  http://daytipper.com

10.  http://www.reviewstream.com

11.  http://creamaid.com

There are lots of more sites that pay their users for articles. It is best if you have a personal blog and share some of its content into these directories. And after being promoted to a professional level, if you want you can take it as a full time job.

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