Earn Money by facebook

I was wondering about the possibilities of earning money from facebook. Is it possible or not? Many of us spend a lot of time in facebook. So it would be great if we can earn from that leisure period of ours. And after a long research I have marked out some points.

  1. It’s possible to make money from facebook.
  2. The process is lengthy but it is not too hard.
  3. It’s not free money – you have to invest.

So how can you make money from facebook?

You have to spend some dollars to earn more dollars from facebook. If you are a facebook user you have already seen the ads facebook is showing you while you are browsing. And the ads are similar to your interests.

So it should be clear to you that facebook ads are interest based ads. You can also advertise something there to sell. Do you have anything to sell and get money? If not then you have to join an affiliate. For each sell you will get the commission.

People like facebook ads. Because they are interest based. You are watching an Ad beside your wall, because you have put interests about that in your profile. So its simple- more people are going to click on the advertisements. If you can write a good Ad text then you can earn good money by selling affiliate products.

Selling your status

How many friends you have? Do you have huge friends? Do you have a group that has huge followers? If the answers are yes – then you can sell your status and earn money. This is a tricky part. But some people are earning by selling their status. You can put some link on your profile or group’s page and make it interesting, so that people will click the link and you can earn the referral revenue.

All this things are a little bit tricky as I said. You have to find the person who needs to buy your status. And you must have a lot of friend and profile visitors.

Making Applications

Facebook users always use a lot of applications. Actually they like to use interesting apps. So if you have some knowledge to make some interesting apps, then I think it might be possible for you to earn from them. You can sell advertising space in the apps. Try to remember, you have already seen many apps with Google Adsense- like Daily Horoscope. Your referral links can also earns for you in the apps. And better thing is that applications become popular very fast.

Putting advertisement space in your profile page can also attract the advertisers to come. But for that you must have an attractive profile with lots of friends. And your profile visit rate must be good. Search facebook for the advertising applications. You can use some of them for this purpose.

Hidden or Not

How much expert you are in finding the resources by searching? Facebook has a huge inventory of free apps that can help you a lot in promoting your business. You can even advertise in facebook for free with these apps. So, do a search and let me know if you can’t find them by yourself. I will post more follow-ups if needed.

  • Have this article helped you?
  • Have you found the apps?
  • Need any help from me?

Just drop comment in this article and I may assist you more. Remember one thing – facebook is the largest marketing opportunity for your business or brand name.

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