Earn Online – The Journey of an Individual

It’s been quite sometime I wrote about money making topics. Actually all of the articles I wrote in last 2-3 months is related to your career or business improvement, that should help you to earn more. Today I am sharing some of my favorite articles that might help you to start your online journey.

General Topics

01. 53 Ways to Make Money Online: Here are some 53 ways that might help you to choose the earning direction. Remember that you can choose only one and two in the last. trying all of them won’t get you anywhere.

02. 101 Ways to Make Money:  If you are a regular reader of earning money topics- then this site is your gold mine. Many discussions and so many ideas. I loved it in the beginning of my online adventure.

03. 12 ways to earn extra money online:   These are some common ideas to get you started online. Not all of them are online money making. But they started from Ideas to online and offline job opportunities.

04. 7 Quick Ways For College Students: Doing part time job online or offline can earn a college student some backup money. I love the ways he described.

05. Make some Extra Money: In here the points of money making are simple but the layout will help you to get some good links.

Affiliate Marketing

06. 5 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Ideas: Affiliate marketing is all about ideas and the niche you are expert on. So, choose carefully.

07. Affiliate Marketing Tips: Lot’s of learning and education is needed to be an expert marketer. Affiliates are the best marketers around and you are trying to be one of them.

08. Online Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Forum : Digital Point forum is a best place for a newbie to learn some basics of affiliate marketing.

09. WarriorForum – Internet Marketing Forums : This is another great place to start. Not only for affiliate marketing, but fellow  users will tell you which program is best for online earning.

10. Earn by affiliate marketing: Well this is one of my previous post. I tried to give a general idea from where to start.

11. Why I’m A Successful Commission Junction Affiliate: This is a good tips to get something in your head.

Now where can you start? Amazon, CJ, ShareSale and many other affiliate website are there. you have to choose your niche and choose the beast of your interest. Then learn the tips on that niche from a experienced one.


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