4 Sites that Will Pay You Money for Blogging

Blogging is related to article writing in every way. You might not writing article for others but you are writing for your readers and reviewing the best options of web in your point of view. So all the bloggers knows that they can earn money by article writing or paid review. I am listing some of the site today where bloggers can earn serious money by paid review.

 4 Sites that Will Pay You Money for Blogging

01.  Sponsored Reviews : One of the sites of paid review is sponsored review. Blogger can earn $5 to $10 per paid review at there. But this is unfortunate that all of the countries are not listed in there. So I couldn’t make the account from Bangladesh. Again there paying system is only PayPal. If you can use PayPal then make an account there and can start article writing or paid review.

02. Allwriting.net : Now this is a website that I like. Just for their simple and professional appearance I give them 8+ out of 10. They seem to work with writers/bloggers all over the world. So every country is accepted. Your application will be reviewed by them before you can get approved as a writer with them. Better thing is that they have plenty of payment method including Payoneer master card & I like this. Because I think Payoneer is the most reliable, fast and easy way to get paid for the freelancers.

03.  Squidoo : This is an interesting review (or what should I say article submitting!!!) site. Squidoo pages are called lenses. You have t o register and make new lenses of your interest, and your earning will depends on the popularity of your lenses (Pages). Earning is shared from the advertiser’s revenue on your article pages. Their payout system is through PayPal.

04.  Social Park: Social park is another big market place for the freelance bloggers. You must have a blog to get accepted in here. This is a form of social media. You can write blogs, interact with people and earn at the same time.

There are at least 10 to 20 paid review sites that really pays people.  But most of them has PayPal as there payment method. So if you are comfortable with that then apply. Remember one thing – you can’t get rich by this review sites but you can earn some extra cash if you can join  two or three at a time.

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