Earning by Text Links

I was talking about different monetizing options for your blog or website.  The traditional way is to copy paste some codes in your template to show the sponsored ad. In this way a fixed place of your page is always occupied with Ads. It may sometime create a problem for some of the visitors. Even sometimes they do not like it totally.

The Unique Idea of Text Link Advertising

Text Links Advertising like infolinks has opened a new conception in this regard. It will not occupy any of your page space. Rather it uses your contents  to show the Ads as links. I like the idea. Because in this way I have more space for my contents and even they ads are more visible to the readers of my blog.

Now there is a thing you have to keep in mind that – there are many text link advertisers like this. So you have to choose the best one for you. I have studied Konetara, then LinkWorth and after that I checked infolinks and it seems more easy  to implement and the payout is good too. I have applied for an account.

What to Do?

Go to infolinks.com and apply for a publisher account. No matter you are new on web or old. They will ask you to add some code. Do that as instructed there and you are done. You can use some of their pluggins at the resource page. It’s  a very easy and short process.


Most of the time publishers from Bangladesh joined affiliates program  without knowing that – what is their payment option? Or how they gonna pay me . Some pay with paypal and some with cheeks.

Infolinks Publishers can receive payments via their preferred choice of Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard® (powered by Payoneer), PayPal, bank wire transfer or ACH.

I love that they have the payoneer option. Payoneer shall provide you with a prepaid master card and you can withdraw your money anywhere worldwide ATM machines.

So no waiting for my earned money. I can instantly get that and use it anywhere.

Want to know more about InfoLinks? Drop a comment and join in the conversation. Please share this post to your friends.

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