Earning for Your Image Impression

Those who are monetizing there website or blog already knows that some company pays the publisher for impression and some for clicks. This is very normal for a long time. However, there is another way to monetize your blog. That is image advertisement.

In here, you can sell ad space on the images of your blog. I guess you all have seen the Google adsense on YouTube videos. The same is happening here your images will be used to serve relent ads on the bottom side of it. They can be minimized and even close.

The image advertising is better for two reasons.

  1. They are not taking spaces like banners.
  2. It is somehow looks good and attractive, so the click ratio is better.

Not all of the bloggers uses it, but who uses it have certainly a boost in their earning. So, it’s for you to add some alternative advertising. I can name one for you who is serving image ad- imagespacemedia .

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