Effective Techniques for Building Links

This is a hot question among the webmasters- What are the effective techniques for building links? 

Link building is a vital part of your online presence. You can’t go top of the ladder without having links from the top pages of web. Google has changing the game since last 2 years and trying to remove the spamming link building strategies through their Penguin and Panda updates. Now, the search engine giant is asking people to maintain a good nature in building links.

They are telling that linking is not that much important- as much you should concentrate on building high quality contentsEnd of the story is you should create high quality content that will make other people to link at your assets. This is what Google thinks as natural link building.

But- to increase the presence you can do some more good deeds in building links. Like:

  1. Joining in a forum and helping people
  2. Answering questions in blogs or forum- which can be categorized as commenting.
  3. Social media presence- this is a vital part of Google’s measurement now.
  4. Social bookmarking sites like:- Digg, Stumble upon, Google sites, G+, Pinterest etc. has also a fractional number of power over your SEO.

Here is the video that will help you more about- how you actually should go for link building.

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