What is Email Marketing?

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Marketing fields for the internet marketers are getting larger in these days. As a result, email marketing software and email marketing campaigns has become the most popular marketing methods. There is a great opportunity to get leads through email marketing. In the web’s busy world, it is sure that people will check their emails at least three times in a week, some checks 3 times a day and thus creating an opportunity for the marketers.

Email Marketing

There are many things to consider in email marketing; like –

  • Do people really want to read the unknown mails?
  • Does your mails goes in the spam folder?
  • Does your mails are attractive to the potential customers?

So what can you do to maximize your Email marketing outcome?

What is it?

Some newbie always ask me what is it, so I think I should tell them what email marketing is. Email marketing is to market your products or services through electronic mails and attract the potential customers. Emails can be sent to:

  1. Get new customers.
  2.  let the people know about your new enhanced service and increase customer loyalty.
  3. Sending Marketing messages.

This can be done in three ways:

  1. Through E-mail or electronic mail by web form.
  2. Sending printed letter to real address.
  3. Publishing in the newspapers.

This marketing process fully depends on the time of the customers and skills of the marketer. But, we are focusing on the online version of email marketing.

6 E-Mail Marketing Tips

01. Avoiding Spam

The problem to most of the e-mail marketers are their emails can be marked as spam. This is not appropriate and you shouldn’t do spam. If you send E-Mails that have a heading look like spam, then the mail service provider will mark it as spam. Don’t add the words free, porn or Dollar sign in your e-mil subject.

02.  Simple Link

Rather than giving a graphical banner or animation in your mails you should give plain blue text link. Because people don’t like to get annoyed by the extra graphics and they can easily find out your special offer if you avoid those graphical banners.

03. Name of the receiver

This is another thing you have to concentrate on when doing E-Mail marketing. Keep in mind that mass e-mail with a general subject never gets that much success. This is because you are writing like “Dear Subscriber” or “Hi there”. This thing is boring and people do not like it. Instead of that if you call someone with their name like “Hi, Dear John” – it will be more beneficial. You can grab more attention.

04. Subscription of Readers

Keep a subscription form in your blog or site for the readers. Then it becomes easy for them to get the latest news through mails. Again you have to put an unsubscribing option in your every email. People sometimes don’t want to get more; you have to let them go.

Another thing is that you have to send the subscriber a confirmation mail. Thus you won’t be accused for spamming. Most of the email list builders have this on by default. In some countries double opt-in/confirmation is mandatory rules.

05. Continuity and Time

Like always I say, you have to be consistent in your blog posting and marketing too. It’s not like you are sending a mail today and another mail after three or four days. Show continuity in your blog posting and send them by E-mail on a particular time everyday. This will increase the reliability of the readers upon you

06. Choosing Subject Carefully

Readers do not waste too much time on the marketing email, unless it has a catchy headline. So choose your heading very carefully and make it realistic. If you send a mail with a headline:- “Be a millionaire within a day”; people won’t believe. So, try to make a headline-which people will think is worth to read at least once.

Email marketing is very much important because these people are ready to grab what you deliver as content or service and they will act on it. You have to try to make them loyal and give them the best you have.

What is Email Marketing? 1

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