Enjoying My Life as a Freelancer

Freelancing” – this word is the turning word for my life. I was never intended to be a web designer or a freelance worker. But, years back when I first heard this word with a realization of what it is and how much a freelancer can earn, I started to love the idea. I am now a fulltime freelance worker and earning from it. This is the best life style I could have imagined back then.

What I do?

I am working as a freelancer on oDesk. Those who are interested in freelancing obviously heard this name. oDesk is a growing market place for the new and expert freelancers from around the world. I have landed first place on oDesk from a Google search and it has changed my life.


Why I love oDesk?

There are very few reasons why one shouldn’t love oDesk and I haven’t found any yet.

  • The first thing is it’s easy to navigate and keep up my profile.
  • The community is super strong and I love to stay some time reading all the tips in there.
  • The home screen, tabs for withdrawals and messages notification all seems very friendly to me.

May be I am kinda got habituated with oDesk. But, they real reason I stayed in here because there are more jobs of my interest that I can finish and I just love the hourly jobs that pays my instantly.

Other Freelancing Sites

 If you are looking for other freelancing market place then you can go to:

  1. Elance.com
  2. Freelancer.com
  3. Peopleperhour.com

And most probably just doing a Google search will open more doors for you.

People are also selling skills individually cutting the middle parties by their own website or blog. But, for that you have to own a e-commerce enabled site or blog.

Anyway, I love being a freelancer and thanks to the almighty that I have chosen this as my profession. Now I can have an off day at anytime and go to anywhere without asking the permission of my boss.

I didn’t quit my job, because I hadn’t any.

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