Finding a Job in Today’s Difficult Economy [infographics]

Students today should remain flexible about geographic location when looking for an entry level position. Even though some people would like to remain close to their hometowns or college towns, the reality is that today’s economy and high unemployment rate makes it difficult to find a job. Fortunately, certain areas of the country offer better job prospects for people trying to break into the work force.

People can find exciting new positions in the northern Midwest and certain areas of the Northeast. States including Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming, Kansas, Hawaii, Vermont, New Hampshire, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota have the lowest unemployment rates in the country, far less than the national average of nine percent.

Finding a Job in Today's Difficult Economy

Jobs are available for new graduates in a variety of fields, such as agriculture, animal sciences, biology, biotechnology, financial management, accounting, actuarial science, math, manufacturing, information technology, geosciences, engineering, forestry, conservation, ecological studies, hospitality management, telecommunications, information security, dental hygiene, sonography, nursing, radiology, equestrian studies and more.

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