Five Essentials to Do for a New Blogger

Blogging somehow is related with money making in these days. People come to blog and they start with great enthusiasm, but after some time they quit blogging and tell that this is not possible. Why is that? Because doing a job without knowing anything about it never works.

There are some basic rules and things a new blogger has to maintain to be a successful blogger. Let’s hear about it.

Five Essentials to Do for a New Blogger 1

01. Choosing your niche:

Before starting a blog – you have to choose your niche. It means you have to find out your area of interest. Looking at other’s blog and starting a blog like that won’t take you so far. After some time you can see that you are not finding any interests in blogging. Because this is not your area of expertise. So find an area first on what you will start the blog, like- technology, sports, and video games. It differs from person to person. Don’t copy others.

02. Continuity:

This is the most essential thing a new blogger needs. You are starting out just new and so you have to maintain regularity in your blog posting. You might have very few readers but you have to write on a day by day basis. Don’t waste time thinking that you are going to post tomorrow. You don’t know what might happen today. So write regularly.


Your blog might lack of comments and you can feel sad. But to get comments from the bloggers and readers you have to do comment on other’s blogs first. This thing can also make your name known to them. Another thing is that- when you are getting comments try to answer them as soon as possible. Show them you are active.

04. Research:

You will not be just writing all the time. You have to read what others are writing too. Again when you are going to write about a new thing in your blog- do research. That means search the Google, Bing or Yahoo to get relevant topics and info. Use them as necessary. If needed don’t forget to mention the source of the info.

05. Hope:

Let’s hope for the best. You are starting new and can’t be rich within a month or six. It is a continuous process and you have to work hard. So don’t lose your hope. Always look at the positive side of anything. Don’t be a jerk like thinking- you are going to be a millionaire within a year. But hope that you will earn and continue what you are doing.

Online is not a place for the lazy or get rich quick people. They will loose time and money here. Keep an honest suggestion – if you are going to buy some crap that will make you rich within six month, please think at least once. Why does a millionaire selling things online? Isn’t it a little bit odd?  If he has that much money, then why will he sell a crap for $100 and some time on discount?

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