Five Tips For Clearing the Writers’ Block Hurdle

Every writer will experience a block at some point in their career. Writer’s block can be short and temporary, or it can be severe and long-lasting. Either way, it can be devastating and quite a blow to a writer’s self-esteem. Interruptions in the writing process are difficult to endure, and there is no real reason to explain why people get writer’s block. The only thing you can do is attempt to move past it and stimulate your creativity back to working order. People have lots of techniques for dealing with writer’s block. The best thing you can do is experiment until you find what works for you. Here are some tips you can try to help you clear the writer’s block hurdle.

Take a Break

If you’re stuck and can’t figure out what to write, don’t just sit and stare at the computer screen. Get up and walk away. Focus on something entirely different for a while, such as some household cleaning, calling a friend, or eating a meal. Do whatever you can to stop thinking about your work and engross yourself in a new task, then try again. If you’re still struggling, try another break. Your writer’s block will only get worse the longer you obsess over it, so make it a point to give your mind a rest.

Walk, or Run, It Out

Exercise is a great way to deal with writer’s block. When you get your blood circulating and warm up your muscles, it will stimulate your brain to work better, too. Go for a brisk walk, run or bike ride, or engage in some other form of exercise such as yoga or swimming. At the very least, get up and do some stretching. Hopefully this will get you going again. Exercising will increase your energy level and help you to feel better, which in turn will improve your ability to think and create.

Prompt Yourself

Writing prompts are a great way to get your creative juices flowing again. You can purchase a good filled with writing prompts, or you can find them online. Choose a random prompt, and do some brainstorming on the topic it suggests. Sit and begin writing. Just the act of writing about something will hopefully generate ideas in your mind, and you may come up with something new. Prompts are a great way to break the cycle of writer’s block and get back into things.

Discuss with a Friend

If you have a particular topic in mind, or if you’re just looking for new ideas, consider having a talk with a good friend. Run some ideas by them, and ask them for the input on your subject matter. Just hearing someone else’s opinions may help jog your own ideas. You don’t have to use anything they offer, but hearing another person’s point of view can offer you a fresh perspective and inspire you.

Try a New Approach

You may be stuck in the rut of a routine, so try something new. Try writing at a different time of day, such as the very first thing in the morning. You may be more creative or refreshed at another hour. Also, take your work elsewhere. If you always write at the same desk, for example, try going to the library or the park to write. A change of scenery might do wonders to jog your creativity.

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