Fiverr – as a Freelancing Market Place

Fiverr is different from other freelancing market place. You must have heard the oDesk or Elance market place where contractors and clients made profile. Then clients advertise their job and contractors apply. These two market places are complicated and depends on several variables and perfection. Whereas Fiverr is easier to use than these two.


Fiverr is a micro freelancing site and I couldn’t recall any other like this now. In here the sellers sell predefined job (Gigs) skills for a fixed price. Mostly it is for $5. You make a profile and you tell what you gonna/can do for $5. So, someone will contact you if they need your help.

Sometime I am amazed to see how all these people are doing these works in such a low price!!! The jobs varies in several categories and you can choose it depending on what you are going to sell.

For a person who want to buy some good but cheap labors and want to make it quick (trying to skip job advertising, interviewing etc.) this can be a good place to look for, But remember you are only looking for a short term solution in here.

Online workers who are specialists in one or some fields, and are willing to make some quick cash with speedy skill displaying, then this is a good place. You can define your price for every skills and get highlighted for a good finishing touch.

Overall the price rate is lower but the chance of getting hired for small deeds may increase your earning in the long run.

Do I love it?

Not actually, but Fiverr is kind of interesting to me.

Payment Method:

Recently they have introduced Payoneer Master card for payment.

And they already had the PayPal for payment.

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