Free Design Resources

I have been using a lot of resources free and paid while I do blogging and web design for my clients. You can’t believe that there are lot’s of free resources floating in the web just for your help. Off course they have their own benefit from advertising and others, but you can get what you need for free.

I am going to list some of the very best free resources I am using for sometime.


Every web-designer knows that there are several fonts that we have to download, convert or create according to the clients demand. So it will be easy if I make a list for you from where you can get most of the free fonts.


And I am assuring you that there are lot’s of more free font area on the world wide web. One good place can be Google’s Free Web fonts.

WordPress Plugins (Slider)

We all use plugins for our WordPress site and we also know that using the right plugin can save us a lot of hassle and time. Today I am listing three best slider plugin that I use normally for my clients.

01. Smooth Slider

As it’s name it is simple to handle and gives the smooth experience to add a slider in your post or in any template. The better part of this plugin is almost everything of the slider can be modified from the option panel. Even you can preview it inside the admin panel before you publish the slider or update the changes.

smooth slider


02. Simple Slider

This is not as simple as it’s name. They have free and paid both version . The free version has some limitation like the number of slides that can be added. Instead of that the slider is very much well designed and good to go with your theme.

03. WOW Slider

This is another stunning slider with java and  CSS. The slider is designed as responsive. So you can use it for various device oriented sites.

Contact Form

Definitely every website  needs a contact form and other kinds of forms to get feedback from the users. If you are building with WordPress and the theme do not come with a template of contact form, then this might be very hard for you to add one.  Just use the Contact Form 7 plugin and you can be free from worries. I haven’t seen any other contact form plugin so flexible and nice looking. You can add as many contact form or feedback form you want. This is just inserting a given short code in your page or post and you are done.

So, these are the things for Friday Night and I hope to come again with many other cool resources.

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