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“You can never get a .com, .org, .net, .info etc for free. These are top level domains and they can’t be free.”

There are many services online where you can get a free domain. Actually they  provide you with free url redirection service. Some of them are smart enough to give you full DNS control and even you can manage the MX entry and can configure it for free Google mail service.

Top 2 Free Domain Service

1. : In here you can have a domain name of of your choice. Mostly they are a redirecting service, but handy if you need more. So you can have domain name like: .

2. : This may be the most short free url redirection service of web. Over the last few years they have improved a lot in free domain offering. Now you can have custom DNS records with them. I don’t want to spoil all the fun of – you can see it yourself. There is a Chance to earn money with them by providing free domain.

These are the top two free domain providers. You can use their service and host your site anywhere you need. I have checked them personally and they are good for free. Now, most of the web hosting service is offering free .com, .net, .info or any other top level domain for free with their hosting plans. They are not actually free. You are paying for the hosting service that saves the domain costs. As I told – you can never get top level domains for free.

Some of the free hosting services like also provides with free short sub-domain if you use their hosting. But sometimes the hosting criteria is not good. You should know that there is always a catch behind every free thing. If you have any info about the free domains the don’t forget to mention it in your comments.

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